How to Create a Contact Form in Photoshop from Scratch

Contact form is important for all online activities to keep your business blooming. Every person including blogger, freelancer or a company, organization. There are many be number of contact forms available on the internet but it may not meet your design requirements. So, its better if you learn how to create a contact form in photoshop. By learning this you can create your own contact form with different styles and designs. Let’s get started to learn how to create a contact form in photoshop.


  • Photoshop
  • 30min to 1hr Time

Before getting started you need to be familiar with basic photoshop tools and its use. I would not explain them and their use. It’s not that without knowing about the tools you cannot design the contact form, but if you know then the design can be completed quickly. This tutorial is very simple and straight forward. You can complete it within an hour of time or less. So are you ready?

What are we Going to Create?

This is the contact form which we are going to create. I have designed this in photoshop cs5 and you can use other older versions like cs4, cs3, cs2 also.

How to Create a Contact Form in Photoshop from Scratch

How to Create a Contact Form in Photoshop

1. Create a new document of dimensions 600×800 by going to file -> new or just press Ctrl+N.

2. Before you proceed set foreground color to #f3b656 and background color to #d28916.

How To Create a Contact Form in Photoshop

3. Select the gradient tool and choose radial gradient.

4. Hold shift, then click and drag from top to about more than half of the layer. Then goto filter -> noise -> add noise and set the amount to 2.5%. Under dstribution select gaussian and make sure you tick monochromatic.

Create a Contact Form in Photoshop

5. Make markups like the one in image below with the specified values. This will help you create text like areas easily.

Horizontal grids:


Vertical grids:


Our PSD is now ready to create text areas.

How to Create a Contact Form in Photoshop

6. Select “Rounded rectangular tool” and set the radius to 10px with background color of #FFFFFF.

7. Create text areas as in the screenshot.

Create a Contact Form in Photoshop from Scratch

8. In the layers panel click on one of the white layer. Now double click the layer or just goto layer -> layer style -> Blending options. Fill the values as in the screenshot. After the completion of 1 layer we can copy the layer styles to all the other layers.

Create a contact form in photoshop

Once you have applied all the styles as in the screenshot you will have the PSD similar to screenshot “A”.

9. To copy the layer style to all the other layers, right click on the styled layer and select “Copy layer styles”. Then select all the layers for which you have to apply the effect. Right click and select “paste layer styles”. The PSD will look similar to the one in screenshot “B”.

How to Create a Contact Form in Photoshop from Scratch

10. We are going to create submit button now. Select “Rounded rectangle tool”, set radius to 10px and draw a rectangular shape with the background color #d28916.

Apply layer styles by double clicking on the layer in the layers panel or by going to layer -> layer styles -> blending options. Apply the styles according to the screenshot.

How to Create a Contact Form in Photoshop

11. Select text tool and give them the text you like. The font I am using is “Harlow Solid Italic” with 36pt sharp for all the headings and for submit text i am using “Arial Rounded MT Bold” with 24px sharp. You can try different text for your PSD.

Goto iconfinder and search for some good looking icons for telephone, email, message etc., Let the size be 32×32 px. A small variation in icon size is ok till it looks good. Place the icons at left of the text box.

How to create a contact form in photoshop

As you can see we have create a sleek and good looking contact form in photoshop. You can implement your own idea and imagination to make good looking contact form that suits your needs. For more tutorials subscribe to our blog updates as we will be learning many more similar tutorials.

Facing any problem or need any other tutorials? Feel free to express them via comments and we will consider all your suggestions. Hope you all like this tutorial.

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