How to Downgrade WordPress Manually

WordPress is the number one blogging software in the world and every blogger knows that. To keep your blog secure you need to keep wordpress updated to new version. But at some point you may come to a stage where you need to roll back to previous version of wordpress. This is when your favorite or an important plugin do not support the current new wordpress version.


  • Older WordPress Version
  • cPanel Access

You might not know what to do at this stage. So its better that you can downgrade wordpress to previous working versions instead. You can do this manually and i do not know about any plugins that can do this work. Read further to learn how to downgrade wordpress. You can try this once on localhost first, then you can continue with your blog downgrade.

Note: First take a complete backup of your site or using any wordpress plugin. This article may help you take automatic wordpress backup.

Where to download old version of WordPress?

If you go to self hosted wordpress then you will find only the new updated version of WordPress. To get the older versions of WordPress go to the link given below. You can find all the versions of WordPress since it started.

Link: WordPress Release Archives

How Do I downgrade WordPress?

1. First login to your WordPress dashboard. In this tutorial i am going to downgrade wordpress from 3.2.1 to 3.1. Look at the wordpress dashboard overview.

How to Downgrade WordPress Manually

After you login to the WordPress dashboard. Goto plugins and deactivate all the plugins.

How to Downgrade WordPress Manually

2. After you deactivate all the plugins, logout from the WordPress dashboad.

3. Login to your hosting cPanel or use any of your favorite FTP client. Goto your sites root directory and locate the core WordPress files.

4. Delete wp-admin and wp-includes folder. There is no need to delete the files, since they can be replaced or overwritten while you copy the files. Just delete those 2 folders.

Note: Do not delete wp-content folder.

How to Downgrade WordPress Manually

5. Open the older WordPress version which you downloaded. Copy all the WordPress files and folders except wp-content.

Note: Do not copy wp-content folder.

How to Downgrade WordPress Manually

6. Once you have done this, you are done with downgrade.

7. Now try to login to your WordPress dashboard. You will see this message. Click on “Update WordPress Database”.

How to Downgrade WordPress Manually

8. Click on “continue” to login to your wordpress dashboard.

How to Downgrade WordPress Manually

You have now successfully downgraded wordpress. Once you login you can see the overview of your current version. Here i have successfully downgraded to wordpress 3.1 from 3.2.1.

How to Downgrade WordPress Manually

Let us know if you face any problem. We will help you solve them.